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Recommended Learning Duration: 12 Hrs

Overview: Through this course, the user will be able to learn GEOVIA SURPAC. On completion of this course, user will be able to: 

  • Understand the GUI of GEOVIA Surpac
  • Import the Total station survey data in Surpac and calculate excavation volume
  • Create Geological database and 3D Ore Body Modelling
  • Create the Block Model and Estimate resources
  • Create the Slice Plan and Ultimate Pit Design to estimate mineable reserve
  • Create Plot files from Surpac

Course Structure: 

Introduction to GEOVIA Surpac

  • About Licencing and GUI
  • Customize the settings
  • Understand the File types associated with Surpac
  • Import and Export files from other Software
  • Create, edit Strings and Display properties of Strings
  • Range Concepts and File saving

Surpac in Survey

  • Import CSV files to String
  • Understand Contouring, DTM and Volume Calculation
  • Create Sections from DTM
  • Learn 2D Transformation of String and Lat Long to UTM Transformation
  • About Image Draping

Surpac in Geology

  • Create Geological Database
  • Display the Database
  • Create Planes, Geological Sections
  • Solid Modelling

Surpac in Geology

  • Create Composite, Basic Statistics
  • Block Model
  • About Estimation – Inverse Distance
  • Generate Resource report

Surpac in Open Pit Design

  • Create Slice Plan
  • Understand Open Pit Design with Ramps
  • Create Mineable Reserves

Surpac for Plotting

  • Create Auto Plot

Pre-requisite:  User should be a Mining Engineer/ Geologist and should have knowledge on GEOVIA. The recommended version for practice exercises is GEOVIA SURPAC 2019 and above.

Training Method: Instruction based and Hands-on practice.

Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Instructor Video Duration: 220 Mins

Downloadable Exercises: 5

Recommended Practice Hours: 5 Hrs



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