CATIA V5 Mold Tool Design Engineer Bundle(EL-MTE-CAD-CV5)

CATIA V5 Mold Tool Design Engineer Bundle(EL-MTE-CAD-CV5)


70 Hrs Duration
On-Demand Video
Certificate Of Completion

CATIA V5 Mold Tool Design Engineer Bundle(EL-MTE-CAD-CV5)


Recommended Learning Duration: 70 Hrs

Overview: Through this Mold Tool Design Engineer Bundle course, the user will be able to learn:

  • CATIA V5 Part Design
  • CATIA V5 Assembly Design
  • CATIA V5 Drafting
  • CATIA V5 Surface Design
  • CATIA V5 Sheet Metal Design
  • CATIA V5 Functional Tolerance and Annotations
  • CATIA V5 Mold Tooling Design

On completion of this course, user will be able to: 

  • Use different feature-based tools to build 3D model
  • Create and position product structure
  • Create part and product detailed drawing
  • Create wireframes and surfaces
  • Create Sheet Metal part using standard features
  • Annotate 3D part and create 3D views
  • Create New Mold Base and Mold tool components

Course Structure: 

CATIA V5 Part Design

  • Perform various options of Sketcher environment
  • GUI of Part Design workbench
  • Create and Constrain 2D sketches
  • Create Sketch Based Features like Pad, Pocket, Revolve and Hole
  • Apply Dress-Up Features like Edge Fillets, Chamfer, Draft and Shell
  • Perform Transformation Features like Mirror, Symmetry and Rectangular Pattern
  • Create advanced Sketch-Based Features
  • Create 3D models using Reference Elements
  • Create Parameters and Formulas in 3D model
  • Review and edit features
  • Apply Boolean Operations

CATIA V5 Assembly Design

  • Approaches of Assembly Design
  • GUI of Assembly Design workbench
  • Create New Product and add components
  • Insert Existing Components with positioning
  • Move components within product by positioning them using Manipulation Part tool
  • Apply Engineering Connections like Coincidence, Contact, Offset and Fix
  • Concept and importance of Contextual Design and Publications
  • Assemble components using Publications
  • Modify Existing Product Structure
  • Analyze Interferences between parts
  • Generate exploded view
  • Generate Bill of Materials and Balloon

CATIA V5 Drafting

  • Introduction to Drafting
  • Customize the settings
  • GUI of Drafting workbench
  • Generate Primary Views like Front, Top, Bottom, Side and Isometric Views
  • Position Views on drawing sheet
  • Generate Secondary Views like Section, Offset Section, Clipping and Detailed Views
  • Generate Dimensions using various methods
  • Create Frame and Title Block of Drawing Sheet
  • Create Text with Leader
  • Generate Bill of Materials

CATIA V5 Surface Design

  • Introduction to Surface Design and concept of Hybrid Design
  • GUI of Surface Design workbench
  • Create Curves and Wireframes using 3D Lines, Points, Planes and Spline
  • Create 3D Corner and Projection Curves
  • Create surfaces based on wireframe geometry using Extrude, Revolve, Multi-Sections and Fill surfaces
  • Create advanced Swept Surfaces and Blend features
  • Create wireframe features using existing curves and surfaces
  • Assemble, Re-limit and connect surfaces smoothly using Split, Trim, Join and Disassemble
  • Convert Surface to Solid

CATIA V5 Sheet Metal Design

  • Introduction to Sheet Metal Design
  • Terminology and Design process for creating Sheet Metal part
  • GUI of Sheet Metal Design workbench
  • Define and manage Sheet Metal Parameters
  • Create Sheet Metal part using Wall, User Flange, Hole and Rectangular Pattern
  • Create Sheet Metal part using Wall On Edge with Bend, Corner Relief, Louver, Bead, Bridge and Flanged Cutout
  • Create Sheet Metal part using Extrusion, Cylindrical Bend and Cutout
  • Create Stamped features
  • Manage Folded and Unfolded Views

CATIA V5 Functional Tolerance and Annotations

  • Introduction to Functional Tolerance and Annotations
  • Define various GD&T options
  • Create Annotation Planes
  • Add and manage 3D Annotations on these planes
  • Create 3D Views
  • Manage and position Annotations
  • Manage 3D Geometry associated with 3D Annotations
  • Add Dimensions with Tolerances
  • Create Datum and Datum features
  • Create Text and Flag Notes

CATIA V5 Mold Tooling Design

  • Mold Tooling Design Process
  • GUI of Core and Cavity Design workbench
  • Customize the settings
  • Import Molded Part
  • Define Main and Additional Pulling Direction
  • Extract Core and Cavity Surface
  • Create Parting Surface for Core and Cavity
  • Define Parting Line and Parting Body
  • GUI of Mold Tooling Design workbench
  • Define New Mold Base
  • Create Core and Cavity Plate
  • Add Injection, Ejection components, Gate and Runner
  • Define and position the Slider
  • Create Retainers and Capscrew
  • Generate Reports

Pre-requisite:  User should be a Mechanical Engineer. The recommended version for practice exercises is CATIA V5 R21 and above.

Training Method: Instruction based and Hands-on practice.

Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Instructor Video Duration: 560 Mins

Downloadable Exercises: 45

Recommended Practice Hours: 62 Hrs



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