CATIA V5 Tubing Diagram(C-MEC-V5CAT21-TUD-ENL1)


CATIA V5 Tubing Diagram(C-MEC-V5CAT21-TUD-ENL1)


Recommended Learning Duration: 6 Hrs

Overview: Through this course, the user will be able to learn CATIA V5 Tubing Diagram. On completion of this course, user will be able to: 

  • Understand the GUI, process of Tubing Diagrams and importance of Line ID
  • Place Equipment and Nozzle
  • Route and modify a Line ID
  • Place Inline parts
  • Modify Tubing Diagrams
  • Generate the Annotations and Report

Course Structure: 

Introduction to Tubing

  • Terminology of Tubing
  • Difference between Tube and Pipe
  • Tube Design considerations
  • General process of Tubing Design
  • Applications and Benefits of Tube
  • Types of Tube
  • Material classifications
  • General manufacturing process of Tube

Customize the settings and GUI

  • Objectives of Equipment and Systems
  • Launch Tubing Diagrams workbench
  • GUI of Tubing Diagrams workbench
  • Purpose of Tubing Diagrams
  • Customize the settings

Place Equipment and Modifications

  • Place the Equipment
  • Place the Nozzles
  • Importance of the Line ID
  • Route and modify the Line ID
  • Place inline parts like Check Valve and Shut-Off Valve
  • Modify the Diagrams using Rotate, Schematic Translate, Scale component and Flip Right

Generate Reports and 3D Tubing Design

  • Place the Text Templates
  • Generate Report of Tubing Diagrams
  • Check the Network Analysis
  • Introduction to create a Tubing Design using Tubing Diagrams

Pre-requisite: User should be a Mechanical Engineer with knowledge on Standards, Terminology of Tubing and should have completed CATIA V5 Drafting course. The recommended version for practice exercises is CATIA V5 R21 and above.

Training Method: Instruction based and Hands-on practice.

Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Instructor Video Duration: 52 Mins

Downloadable Exercises: 5

Recommended Practice Hours: 4 Hrs



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