AutoCAD Essentials(C-MEC-NAACD18-ACE-ENL1)


AutoCAD Essentials(C-MEC-NAACD18-ACE-ENL1)


Recommended Learning Duration: 24 Hrs

Overview: Through this course, the user will be able to learn AutoCAD Essentials. On completion of this course, user will be able to: 

  • Navigate AutoCAD User Interfaces
  • Learn fundamental features of AutoCAD
  • Know about Coordinate System
  • Create 2D Drawings using Sketcher module
  • Understand Layers concept

Course Structure: 

Introduction to Engineering Drawing

  • About Types of Drafting, Standards and Conventional Drawings
  • Line types used in Drawing
  • About Angle of Projections
  • Drawing Sheets and Templates
  • Standard Sheet Sizes
  • Dimensions Terminology, Dimensioning Rules and Types

Introduction to AutoCAD Essentials

  • About AutoCAD
  • Learn to Install AutoCAD
  • Launch software
  • Learn to use options in launch screen of AutoCAD
  • Explore tools under Title bar and Ribbon Toolbar
  • Understand to use Drawing space
  • Know to use Command Prompt window
  • About Navigation bar and View Cube
  • Use of Status Bar, File tab and Application menu

Coordinate System

  • Learn about Coordinate System
  • Understand Absolute, Relative and Polar Coordinate System
  • Create objects in Absolute, Relative and Polar Coordinate System

AutoCAD Sketching

  • Change Units and set Limits of drawing sheet
  • Learn to use Draw tools
  • Use tools under Modify Toolbar
  • Discuss tools in Annotation Toolbar
  • Apply tools learnt to create object
  • Understand and create Layer
  • Specify colours for each Layer
  • Apply Line types and Line Weight to Layer

Pre-requisite: User should be a Mechanical/Civil Engineer.

Training Method: Instruction based and Hands-on practice.

Course Validity: 3 Months from the date of enrolment.

Instructor Video Duration: 82 Mins

Downloadable Exercises: 2

Recommended Practice Hours: 22 Hrs



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